We provide comprehensive consulting services, financial services software engineering together with the key technology acceleration solutions. From ideation to POC, to deployment, to all-inclusive support, our professionals harness innovation and deliver an end-to-end experience. We strive to integrate technology solutions while increasing bandwidth to seamlessly provide leverage to your current teams without increasing headcount.

Legacy apps migration


We migrate critical parts of your on-premise systems to the cloud, structuring the large volume of legacy data and the most critical features in secure warehouses.

Real-time analytics and forecasting


We visualize important financial insights from analytics and reporting systems as well as assist in making data-driven decisions for credit scoring using AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data technologies.

Distributed ledger technology


We apply Blockchain technology to improve security and transparency for loan management.

Microservices architecture


We focus on the flexibility of software to make it responsive to changing demands and implement new features faster without extra effort.

Why BTM Financial


  • Ability to build models in any programming language such as C, C++, C#, VBA, Python, .Net, Java etc.
  • Our credit spread framework acts as a bridge across multiple markets when valuing credit instruments, utilizing information from a variety of sources, including equities, bonds, and CDS.
  • Tailor made professional services offered to cater the investment objective of different investors.
  • Deal Structuring analytics developed as Web based applications.
  • Process Automation using tools like Intex, Trepp, Bloomberg, Polypath, WSA, Dealmaker etc.
  • Experienced team in database architecture like MS SQL products, Oracle DBs etc.

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