Add quant analytics, mathematics and technological specialists to strengthen your investment teams.

We develop financial software and data applications for traditional investment managers, hedge funds, investment bankers and proprietary trading desks.

Our analysts work as a natural extension of client teams, providing support on critical tasks such as the following:


On-demand data engineering from sourcing and cleaning to architecture and design, including traditional and alternative approaches.

Advanced analytics with quantitative modelling, back-testing, clustering and optimisation, to help refine your investment strategies for success.

Faster insights from a digital delivery platform including web applications, BI dashboards and fully-customisable visualisations.

State of the art technologies including AI and machine learning to help extract insights from large datasets.

Our Quant Analytics solution provides the expertise, experience and technology you need to manage, analyse and visualise your data – turning algorithms into applications and data into investment opportunities, as and when you need them. we can provide leverage to your team members and enhance their effectiveness. You get:

End-to-end financial data engineering


Aggregate and validate your data with expert-driven data services, from sourcing and cleaning, to sophisticated data architecture and design.

Advanced Investment modelling analytics


Innovate traditional investment processes with contemporary portfolio management techniques such as advanced data science and alternative analytics – all driven by the latest AI, machine learning and deep learning techniques.

Risk Analytics


Asses portfolio and wholesale financial risk with in-depth model methodology deployments, validations, back testing, scenario intelligence, stress and shock testing, and more.

Asset-Liability Management (ALM) Support


Support and develop your ALM system to include analytics on liquidity monitoring, balance sheet management, scenario analysis and specialist modules for pension plans.

Customized visualization and BI


Use custom applications, portals and dashboards to cut through the noise and get the analysis you need – when you need them.

With Quant Analytics from The BTM Financial, you can:


Flexibly leverage your team with the expertise needed to test your strategies and turn algorithms into easy-to-use apps and dashboards.

Reduce costs with flexible access to the talent and tools you need without lengthy and expensive recruitment processes.

Scale at will with on-demand analysts, mathematicians, programmers and risk experts available as and when projects require.

Add to your experience with quant experts that contribute to your strategic thinking.

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