The Problem


The underlying objective of creating this application is to create a trust-less platform to facilitate the complete Lending process while ensuring complete transparency & fairness in dissemination of information to all stakeholders.


  • The entire process starts with a Borrower (or Broker on behalf of Borrower) by uploading the related property & borrower information/documents.
  • Once uploaded, the loan application can be accessed by all the participating Lending agencies on the platform and the interested agencies proceed with due diligence/underwriting process.
  • If the loan application meets all required criteria, these agencies then offer Loan to the borrowers with certain terms & conditions.
  • The borrower then needs to choose the loan offer that best suits the borrower's purpose.




No scope of collusion between the platform and any of the stakeholders

Decentralized Application

By virtue of being a Blockchain enabled platform, this is a decentralized application where even if one node fails, the network would still be able to operate.

Independent Platform

The various participants do not have to trust or rely on any central authority to oversee the transactions.

Data Security

The technology ensures that all the recorded data is stored in an encrypted format thus ensuring top-notch data security.

Artificial Intelligence & IOT

Using AI based algorithms, Structured data can be extracted from borrower uploaded documents. Also, for IOT enabled properties, relevant data can be imported directly from the IOT servers.


The platform allows for comprehensive auditability as it stores all the historical data securely owing to immutable property of Blockchain.

Token Generation

Custom utility Tokens will be generated to facilitate efficient transactions in the platform.

Accurate Status Tracking

Know the exact status of the loan application at any given time with a few clicks.

Underwriting Plugin

The platform provides the option of importing UW data from various sources including Lending agencies’ in-house web/desktop/excel based models.

BTM Financial Solution

  • A new avenue to review loan applications easily by importing data from the lending agencies’ in-house Underwriting platform and make offers conveniently to worthy borrowers.
  • A single comprehensive platform to apply for a loan and get loan quotations from different lending agencies in a completely transparent manner

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