The Problem


The Data Mart Platform is built to aggregate Loan, mortgage & other data from various sources and store it in a structured format in a central repository. This data is made accessible to other tools & third-party applications in a secure & efficient manner via REST based APIs.


  • AI based data processing platform to collect loan feeds from different sources and other third-party data providers.
  • Data massaging, business rule implementation and error reporting engine.
  • APIs to access data from central repository as Data Services for application usage.

BTM Financial Solution

  • Dynamic & Intuitive User interface-based data upload platform.
  • Efficient Data management, business rule implementation and error reporting engine.
  • Availability of High-quality data processed through AI algorithm to maintain uniformity.
  • Predictive analysis of loan & mortgage data using Machine learning algorithm.
  • Web based system manages Workflow, Surveillance as well as Reporting and provides a dynamic intuitive platform with high degree of customization.

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