The Problem

  • Existing structuring solutions are third party tools that are license based on user and asset type making the cost structure very expensive.
  • Most of the existing products are based on "One size fits all" approach & offers limited customization option to users.
  • The current Structuring platforms are “legacy systems” using archaic core technologies..
  • The available tools were designed for the initial world of agency deals and then adapted for other asset types and not designed “ground up”.


  • The user writes the payment distribution rules using a very high-level easy to use scripting language.
  • The application generates the Bond cashflows along with a variety of other reports as per the payment distribution rules.

BTM Financial Solution

  • The Structuring Tool offers entire Deal structuring process - starting from loan modeling, writing pay rule structure to getting detailed customized reports.
  • The tool offers dynamic and customized reports which includes Deal Snapshot, Loan Stratification, Loan/ Repline Cashflow, Collateral Cashflow, Bond Cashflow, Decrement Table & Price/Yield Table.

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