The Problem

  • The C++ Testing Suite had approximately 3500 test cases and Excel is not designed to handle the sheer size and its internal tools are limited. The objective is to build regression test models in python.
  • To ensure that debugging is systematic and transparent for people who have not being involved in building the test.
  • Ensuring that the process is consistent to be able to avoid “dependency”.

To make the code structured and written with a common discipline


  • Creating Common & Utility classes for reuse and a modular framework
  • XMLs are bifurcated in sub-groups for each test for an input & expected results.
  • Integration of the python-based framework to the existing build process.
  • Modular framework for easy debugging.

BTM Financial Solution

  • The new paradigm has standard code structure and a modular framework.
  • The new framework helps to avoid duplication of code which is generally a problem in “free style” coding.
  • XMLs were used to store all data at a centralized place.

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